The LDS-Charities and BCF signed an agreement to provide 2 million hot meals for displaced people


To form a better response to the IDP crisis following the Mosul offensive, the American LDS-Charities and the Barzani Charity Foundation signed a protocol according to which the LDS will sponsor a project to provide 2 million hot meals for IDPs at five camps in Erbil, Duhok and Nineveh provinces.


The agreement was signed upon an official visit by a delegate from the American LDS-Charities to BCF’s main office in Erbil on 20th of November 2016. After the two parties signed the agreement they attended a press conference for national and international media. At the beginning of the conference, Sheikh Aziz Sheikh Reza (the president of BCF) expressed his deep appreciation to the role played by the LDS-Charities in the humanitarian field in the Kurdistan Region and reiterated BCF’s commitment to serve the people of Kurdistan, displaced communities and refugees.

In his part, Mr Whitney Clayton (head of the LDS-Charities board) expressed his organization’s acknowledgment of BCF’s valuable contribution in the humanitarian area in the Kurdistan Region and considered the BCF as LDS’s sole partner in the region stating that ‘it is an honour to partner with the BCF and work together’. Mr Clayton also revealed LDS’s vision which is to assist those in need, wherever they are and regardless of their ethnic, national and religious backgrounds. At the end of his speech Mr Clayton announced the agreed upon plan between the two parties to provide 2 million hot meals through the BCF to IDPs at five camps in the region.




Commenting on the BCF-LDS partnership Mr Musa Ahmad (BCF’s vice president) praised the LDS for the outstanding service it provided in various humanitarian sectors. In this regards, Mr Musa reported that their partnership in the education sector resulted in constructing 4 schools and 6 cultural sectors in and out of major refugee and IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region. In the disabled care sector, he added, the partnership managed to deliver wheelchairs to 800 people with other walking aids. He then added that the current project is part of LDS’s contribution in the food sector which has been in place since the partnership began back in 2014. Mr Musa revealed that the LDS-Charities will sponsor the project to provide 2 million hot meals with 300,000USD. The hot meal provision will benefit the newly arrived displaced people who are based at five camps at (Dibaga, Khazir, Hassan Sham, Zilkan and Nergizli) within the three provinces of Erbil, Duhok and Nineveh.The project will start in the next coming days.