BCF & the German GIZ provide jobs for 1210 people in the KRI


Through an initiative sponsored by the German GIZ and implemented by the Barzani Charity Foundation 1210 temporary job opportunities are provided for jobless people in the KRI including the host community, refugees and internally displaced people.


The project which called’ cash for work’ and lasts for 40 days has started one month ago through which 27 schools will be renovated providing job opportunities for 1210 jobless persons in Erbil and Duhok governorates.


Commenting on the project, Mr Musa Ahamd, the BCF’s deputy president said that it can benefit the region in three main ways, it will support the KRG financially especially during current economic crisis in the region, it will also, provide job opportunities and cash (though temporary) for 1210 people in the two governorates, and finally, the school repairs will reduce the health risks posed by affected schools, as we have chosen schools that need renovation and maintenance the most due to the buildings being too old or damaged.