BCF has been awarded by the Australian Benevolent Hands


The Australian Benevolent Hands has awarded the Barzani Charity Foundation recognising its efforts in the humanitarian field in the KRI.


the award was presented to the BCF during a visit by Miss Maha al-Zirari, the director of the Benevolent Hands and Miss Nahoko Takato to BCG's main office in Erbil on 10/01/2017. The two delegates were received by Mr Musa Ahmad, the deputy head of the BCF where he updated the guests with the latest humanitarian situation in the KRI especially, the situation of tens of thousands of displaced people from Mosul and surrounding Nineveh areas who have fled their homes since the military operation to liberate Mosul started back in October 2016.

In turn, the Benevolent Hands acknowledged BCF's humanitarian efforts in the KRI and especially, as concerns the relief efforts targeted at the newly-arrived displaced people from Mosul and Nineveh areas. In addition, they shown their willingness and intention to contribute to the humanitarian efforts in the region particularly to help the Mosul IDPs who have taken refuge in the KRI.