A significant agreement signed between the BCF & UNICEF


28,000 people will benefit while water and sanitation infrastructure will be restored


In a new initiative to assist IDP and refugee children and people in the newly-liberated areas of the Nineveh province the BCF and UNICEF signed an important agreement. According to the agreement which was signed in Duhok , 30,000 children up to the age of 14 will be assisted in addition to restoration works to the water and sanitation infrastructures in the area, which will benefit 28,000 people.




The agreement was signed on 5th of February 2017 in Duhok between the BCF represented by the foundations’ deputy president Mr Musa Ahmad and the UNICEF’s coordinator of the WASH sector Mr Rebert Odong.  In a comment on the event Mr Musa Ahmad stated that the BCF and UNICEF have been joining efforts to reach the displaced and refugee communities in the KRI and in the newly-liberated Nineveh areas. According to the agreement, 30,000 children from these areas will be assisted while the water and sanitation infrastructure of these areas will be restored including building new bathrooms and toilets in the area. As the result of these projects, 28,000 people in these areas will benefit, which will be a great effort during the economic crisis experienced in the KRI and Nineveh areas. The duration of these projects, he added, will be 6 months with an estimated cost of (2,024,817USD).