The UNAMI Humanitarian Coordinator praises the BCF for the high standard humanitarian work


In an official visit by the Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Ms Lise Grande to Hassan Sham IDP camp where thousands of displaced families from Mosul live she praised the efforts made by the Barzani Charity Foundation at the camp describing the cam as ‘of the highest standard camps we’ve seen in the world’.


Mis Grande visited Hassan Sham U3 and Khazir M1 camps accompanied by Mr Burno Geddo, the UNHCR Special Representative in Iraq on 16th February 2017 to observe the humanitarian situation at the camps. While concerned about the anticipated new waves of displacement at the Mosul operation continues to liberate the rest of ISIS controlled areas in Nineveh province, Ms Grande expressed her appreciation to efforts made by the BCF that made the camp standards at the Hassan Sham camp ‘one of the highest we’ve seen in the world’

Both Hassan Sham U3 and Khazir M1 are among a number of IDP and refugee camps that are managed by the BCF where a large number of professional staff are working around the clock to provide humanitarian assistance to more than 86,000 displaced people who fled the war-affected areas in the city of Mosul and the wider Nineveh province.