BCF announces the two-way movement for displaced people as the unrest still continues


The BCF maintains a record of the movement of displaced people from all IDP camps. According to tracking records in the first quarter of August (1-8/08/2017) while 866 families have returned to their original places, another 641 have arrived at BCF-run camps at Khazir and Hassan Sham.


The BCF announced some significant data today 10th August 2017 in which the foundation revealed that there is mixed trends in IDP movement at major camps sheltered by Mosul IDPs. According to the report, while so far in August 866 families (4,225 individuals) have returned to their places, mostly in Mosul another 641 families (3,148 individuals) have arrived at shelter camps including (84) families who arrived from Tala’far town (stiil under ISIS control).


Following the full-liberation of the city of Mosul, the IDP camps witness daily departures of families who return to their home places inside Mosul and surrounding areas. However, people are still forced to flee from their homes in war-affected areas such as Tala’far, a town 20Km West of Mosul who’s population as of 2014 was around 200,000 people and was overtaken by ISIS fighters back in 2014.



Reiterating BCF;s commitment to assist the displaced people, Mr Musa Ahmad, the BCF president revealed that while the foundation continues to receive and assist newly-arrived people and those already settled, it aims to assist those who have returned to their places voluntarily or willing to return. He added, BCF aims to deliver aid to returned people at their place of return to help them resettle and build their lives anew.