Opening an orphan care center at Hassan Sham IDP camp


In order to provide special care for displaced children who lost their parents, the British Edinburg Direct aid collaborated efforts with the BCF to establish an orphan care center at Hassan Sham camp.



The center which can provide care for 360 children was opened today 21st August 2017 at Hassan Sham camp. At the opening ceremony that was attended by BCF’s senior camp manager, the British Consular General in Erbil and Dr Denis Rutovis, the representative of the Edinburg Direct Aid, Dr Rutovis revealed ‘we had decided to do something for the displaced people, while we could not sponsor a massive project, consulting with the BCF, they provided us with three suggested ideas. We decided to go for an orphan care center that can provide educational, recreational, and cultural services to the users.’ He added ‘the British people are unaware that the largest Kurdish humanitarian organization (BCF) is assessing displaced people here. It is worth saying that they arranged everything properly and facilitated the aid here. When we saw the results of the work we were very happy.’

The center which is managed by a professional team from BCF, will house 360 orphan children who are settled at Khazir and Hassan Sham camps and aged between 6 to 11 years. They will be providing with facilities and services to participate in educational, recreational and cultural activities.