Barzani Charity Foundation opens 16 cultural and educational centers in the IDP, and refugee camps



Musa Ahmad; ‘’One day we also faced the Anfal and chemical process, but today there are people resorting to us because of the violence that has hit them.’’

There are cultural and educational centers for training the IDPs and refugees in most of the camps in Kurdistan and they carry out a numerous of activities. The halls of the centers are dedicated to cultural, educational and vocational actions and among them “computer, music, sports, health and social awareness, seminars, and drawing’’ the aim of organizing such centers is for training the IDPs and giving them social and health awareness.

These people have come to us because of the ferocity of terrorists

The IDPs faced many humanitarian disasters, and one day we also faced the Anfal and chemical process, but today there are people resorting to us because of the violence that has hit them so the existence of centers provides them with a unique opportunity in an educational environment to develop themselves. And we try to bring them closer to the Kurdish culture.

Within a month 9744 individuals benefited from the BCF centers
During the September of 2017 BCF managed various courses and activities inside its centers, according to its data, BCF in the whole its accomplishments 9744 persons were benefited.
The beneficiaries of BCF centers are divided among these sectors:
(Protection, education, health, wash, livelihood). In the protection sector, special assistance has been provided including guidance and assistance (legal, psychological and social awareness). In the educational and health sector, educational and health courses were organized. In the sewer sector, instructions were distributed and environmental guidelines were given to participants in camp cleaning activities and campaigns. In addition, ceremonies were held at international events and celebrations, all of which are part of the means of living and prosperity.

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Mohammed Sheikho Social Center
One of these centers is the center of Mohammed Sheikho in the Domiz refugee camp where Syrian refugees live.
On September 21, 2017, at a special ceremony, the Mohammed Sheikho Center was opened in Domiz camp, after being restored by BCF and LDS. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Musa Ahmed, President of the BCF.
The ordinances began with a hymn (a sergeant), and then speeches were made about the importance of those centers by the masters of attendance. During the ceremony, musical and artistic ensembles were screened and musical scenes and musical passages were presented by young groups.
After the opening of the center, the halls are allocated to open educational and cultural courses and various training courses are held.
In the total of 9744 beneficiaries of the activities of the BCF, 1,372 people are enrolled in the education sector, 1701 in the sewerage sector and 98 in the health sector.

Opening the Center for Cultural and vocational Coexistence
On 27 September 2017, in the presence of Mr. Musa Ahmed, President of the BCF, and the representative of the Act Now Children's Fund, the management of Hassan Cham camp and a large number of IDPs, the aim is to gather IDPs and secure a new cultural life in the camps. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Musa Ahmed, President of the BCF, delivered a speech to the audience. "We are happy to be with you, and this is not the first time for BCF to meet with you, but with the first day of your departure. To provide assistance to those affected and we walk on it and see it is our duty to serve man. "
The president of BCF announced during his speech "We have joined many people to serve your displaced people, and we thank them, especially the Act Now Children's Fund, who contributed in this project and together we helped you, and in other camps we opened schools, wells and other centers, said Barzani.
 "The best way to serve you after settling in the camps is to open the centers in this way and we hope that the center will become a place for education and cultural preparation not only for this camp, but also for the other camps. The doors of this center will be open to each of you, to be a certain opportunity for cultural development and overcome the suffering you have faced. "

Mr. Spinner Edward, representative of Act Now Children's Fund, made a statement and said:
"We thank the Barzani Charity Foundation for giving us this opportunity to build this center as we were waiting for it and we hope that everyone will meet at this center," said Spinner Edward, representative of Act Now Children's Fund. "We will continue with the BCF with new projects in order to be able to provide greater service to these people," Edward said.  Mr. Jonathan Wood, Representative of Act Now Children's Fund, said: "We hope that this center will become a useful place for you and your children and will be able to forget your concerns and grief. We decided to stay with you for years to come and help you more."