Assistance delivered to Earthquake-affected people of Darbandikhan in December 2017


 They are undergoing severe psychological and life conditions


On November 12, 2017, a powerful earthquake hit Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Iranian Kurdistan, leaving great damage to the properties of people as well as human casualties in Darbandikhan. According to the statistics from Joint Crisis Coordination Center (JCC) of the Kurdistan Region’s Interior Ministry, the damage caused by the quake in the area is worth $370 million, and 513 people were injured while 9 others died.


Following the incident, Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) delivered, in November, food, household equipment, tents and caravans to 1,554 affected families in central Darbandikhan, and the districts of Bamo and Maidan. In December, BCF, in cooperation with One Vision International, delivered 958 water filters to the population of the town. Overall, 5,510 families received food assistance and household items in December in Darbandikhan.


Due to the destruction of a large number of the houses in Darbandikhan in the earthquake and fear of more quakes, the residents of the town are living in the dire psychological situation and suffering from lack of accommodations. A significant number of the population in the town are living in tents and the parks.


BCF teams have been continuously inspecting the situation of the people in Darbandikhan and continue to register the affected families living in tents and cottages. The foundation has been constantly providing them with tents, food and household needs. After the BCF teams concluded that the water of the town is not safe to drink, the foundation, in collaboration with One Vision International, distributed 1,000 water filters on 1,000 families in the town.


The BCF, in cooperation with LDS Charities, sent three trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to the town. Moreover, QNET, through BCF, sent food assistance and household items to the affected people of the town.