BCF delegation visits Teufen to Raise Aid for IDPs, refugees in KRI



A delegation from Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) visited Catholic Church in Teufen, Switzerland, aiming at participating in the fundraising campaigns for the refugees and the internally displaced persons (IDPs) settled in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 


The BCF delegation headed by Askandar Salih visited the Catholic Parish in Teufen on Sunday, February 18, 2018, where an account on the BCF’s charity activities was presented by the delegation for the partners and donors attending the meeting.


The BCF’s delegation also paid a visit to Teufen Municipality and St Gallen Church, extending the foundation’s gratitude to them for their outstanding support.


During the foundation’s visit to Teufen, a concert was organized by children in order to collect aid for the children in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).


The BCF, founded in 2005, has been providing continued humanitarian support to IDPs, refugees and host communities in coordination and cooperation with other humanitarian actors.


The BCF runs eleven camps of refugees and IDPs out of 48 camps across KRI, most of which are sheltering IDPs who are currently struggling in their tents with the cold weather.


A large number of children are living alone or with their mothers in those camps who are in need of schools, playgrounds and community centers. There is still a great need for food, medicines, baby food, and clothing as well.


Regarding the Teufen’s assistance to the IDPs and refugees settled in KRI, the BCF representative said the aid deliveries from Teufen are of high quality and quantity, adding that Catholic Parrish has developed into one of the BCF's most important foreign partners.


The first aid convoy from the Rotbach Valley was delivered in the spring of 2016. In the following year, 2017, Rotbachtal made significant financial aid, enabling the purchase of a garbage truck, four water tanker trucks, two school buses and four high-performance electric generators. In addition, large quantities of food, formula milk for babies and hygiene products were purchased and distributed to IDPs and refugees. The BCF delegation thanked Rotbach for its great support and sympathy.


In total, nearly two million IDPs and refugees are living in a total of 48 camps in the KRI, a region with 5 million inhabitants. 


The large waves of displacement in Iraq brought about by the ISIS invasion of a third of the country and fight by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army to destroy the militant organization


Despite the difficult situation, Eskandar Salih explained that the BCF is willing to scale up its humanitarian response, noting that the slogan “It is an honor to serve one's fellow human beings,” by the Legendary Kurdish Leader Mustafa Barzani, is the driving philosophy of the BCF’s work. 


Rotbach Valley, in cooperation with other parishes in Eastern Switzerland as well as large companies, will send five to six 40-tonne trucks to Kurdistan at the beginning of March which will be loaded with different types of aid for IDPs and refugees in the region.