John McCain highly estimates BCF efforts for aiding refugees in Kurdistan Region

A high rank delegation from the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) on February 4, 2015 met U.S. Senator John McCain within an official visit to the United States to take part in several seminars and panels about further assisting refugees and internally displaced persons in Kurdistan Region.
The delegation led by Aziz Sheikh Raza, Head of BCF, Mussa Ahmed, Deputy Head of BCF, accompanied by Awat Ahmed, Juwan Namiq, members of the BCF Administrative Baord, met with several key figures, NGOs and media agencies.
The visit came after an official invitation from the U.S. Congress to hear from the BCF which as the only charity organization in Kurdistan Region and Iraq has played an effective role aiding and offering services to the refugees and the internally displaced persons in Kurdistan Region provinces.
During the meeting, the Head of BCF Aziz Sheikh Raza expressed appreciation to Senator John McCain for his constant supports to Kurds and the people Kurdistan Region and for the legitimate Kurdish issue as well. However, both sides in the meeting focused on the current situations in Kurdistan Region, the affairs of refugees and displaced people, and how to offer them more aids.
McCain highly estimated the wide range efforts exerted by the Barzani Charity Foundation in assisting and offering services to the refugee and displaced population in Kurdistan Region.  He also thanked the people of Kurdistan for their generosity and humane feelings towards that large number of refugees in their region.
He also told the BCF delegation that he and on behalf of the majority of the United States people are very proud of President Massoud Barzani for his leading the Kurdistan Peshmarga forces in the war against terrorists. He also assured that he will exert best of his efforts in arming Peshmarga forces and in further supplying humanitarian aids to Kurdistan Region.
Moreover, Senator McCain expressed of his condolences to President Barzani and the people of Kurdistan for their martyrs and lost in the war against the terrorist Islamic State, ISIS.