BCF and Qatar Red Crescent to Carry out Joint Charity Projects

The Qatari Red Crescent Organisation has initiated cooperating with Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) for conducting charity projects in Kurdistan Region in the future, particularly in aiding the refugees and internally displaced people based in the region.
A senior delegation from the Qatar Red Crescent Organisation led by Lateef Rahman, Supreme Counselor of the organisation, on February 8, 2015 visited the BCF main office in Erbil and warmly received by the Head of BCF, Aziz Sheikh Raza. The visit aimed in enhancing mutual relations and cooperation and organising joint charity projects in Kurdistan Region in the near future.
In the meeting, the visiting delegation briefed about their activities and revealed they aim to conduct joint charity projects with the BCF in offering aid to the refugees in Kurdistan Region.
The Supreme Counselor of the Qatar Red Crescent noted that they have closely watched the wide scale and constant works of the BFC and that they will be proud in working with BCF. He also announced that they will initiate a joint project of distributing 5000 boxes of winter items on refugees and displaced persons currently living in Erbil, Duhok and Suleimaniya Provinces in Kurdistan Region.
On his part, the Head of BCF acknowledged the delegation’s trust in the foundation and for their intention to cooperate for future projects. He expressed the BCF’s willingness in this regard ti work with the Qatar Red Crescent Organisation and providing aid and assistances to the refugees.