BCF assisted 700 families-in-need and has a special aid programme for Eid



In order to help needy families celebrate the Eid al-Adha (due in two days), the Brazani Charity Foundation assisted 700 families-in-need in Erbil and surrounding areas.


The task, which started today 10th September 2016 is part of a two day pre-Eid campaign (according to Mr Musa Ahmad, the deputy president of the BCF) through which 700 families from the ‘Kurdistan Visually Impaired Association’ receive dry food parcels weighting 30Kg for each family. The first stage carried out on 10th September and covered families inside the city of Erbil and surrounding areas.


Commenting on the campaign Mr Ahamd also stated that it was out of BCF’s humanitarian responsibility and charitable consideration and due to the economic hardship experienced by people in the Kurdistan region that the two day campaign was announced which aims to assist 700 needy families in Erbil. He also informed that the BCF has its special Eid programme through which needy families, refugees and IDPs will receive special Sacrificed (Qurban) red meat portions or ready hot meals (at designated camps).