Assisting 500 needy families in Sulaymaniyah and helping Peshmerga forces celebrate Eid


As part of its Eid al-Adha programme, the BCF assisted 500 neey families in Sulaymaniyah and surrounding areas and provided 35 livestock for Peshmerga forces to celibrate Eid.


The operation started on 10th September where 700 families-in-need in Erbil received food aid and covered another 500 families in Sulaymaniyah who received dry food parcels on 11th September 2016.


On the frontlines against the ISIS, as a way to help the Peshmerga forces celebrate Eid, the BCF provided 35 live stokes to Pesmerga forces around Jalawla and Khanaqeen areas. This is part of BCF’s Eid al-Adha aid programme (according to Mr Musa Ahamsd, the deputy president of the BCF) and aims to deliver assistance to as many people as possible among families-in-need, refugees and displaced people.  The charitable programme is timely and effective as the Kurdistan Region suffering from a dire economic crisis at the moment.