Barzani Charity Foundation holds its 2018 Annual Conference

BCF 2018 Annual Conference on 5th Feb 2018 in Erbil, Iraq



On February 5, 2018, Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) organized its Annual Conference, aiming at presenting a summary of the foundation’s charitable activities in 2017. During the conference, an account on each of the BCF’s charity sectors was provided with presenting the number of beneficiaries from each sector. 


The BCF delivers continued humanitarian aid to IDPs, refugees and host communities through 11 different sectors which are Food, Non-food Items, WASH, Orphan Care, Health, Education, Disabled Care, Protection, Livelihood, Coordination and Special Projects. 


From overall sectors, the BCF carried out 7,013 charity activities in 2017 which benefited 1,803, 058 families (10,927464 individuals) from IDPs, refugees and host communities.


The total number of beneficiaries from overall sectors in 2017 was 11.98% of the host community, 5.61% of refugees and 82.41% of IDPs.


The Head of the BCF Founding Board, Mr Masrour Barzani delivered a speech during the conference in which he commended the foundation for its outstanding performance in delivering continued assistance to the people in need since its establishment in 2005.



H.E Masrour Barzani delivering a speech at BCF Annual Conference on Feb 5, 2018, in Erbil


The following is the translation of the remarks of H.E Masrour Barzani during the foundation’s Annual Conference on 5th Feb 2018.


Dear Attendees, 


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to attend the annual conference of Barzani Charity Foundation 


Barzani Charity Foundation carries a philosophy stemmed from a word of the legendary Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani which says “It is an honour for a man to serve his own nation.” He made ultimate strife during his entire life to serve his people, country and humanity.


Later, we felt obliged to continue to walk on the path of this great person and establish a foundation worthy of his efforts and service to his people to be of great support to the people of the Kurdistan Region. Due to this factor, we established Barzani Charity Foundation in 2005 with a command from President Barzani, hoping it would serve as a home or a platform for all those who are in need.


One can feel tranquil and relaxed only when no one else is suffering from poverty. 


The BCF has embraced all people who fled their areas due to death and terrorism threats and those who left their homes as a result of lack of justice, freedom and public services in their cities, towns and villages and sought shelter in the Kurdistan Region in hopes of enjoying freedom. They escaped from persecution and considered Kurdistan as a safe haven.


The BCF receives all displaced people, refugees and affected people with open arms and assists all those in need regardless of their ethnicity, religion or political views.


We believe the duty that the BCF has shouldered is a religious, moral and national responsibility.


I would love to refer to some of the services provided by this foundation since its establishment.


Sadly, our Ezdi brothers and sisters became the major victims of the brutal attack of ISIS on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Barzani Charity Foundation spared no efforts to help them and while Mount Sinjar was besieged the foundation managed to reach the mountain and deliver life-saving assistance to those who were stranded there. BCF continued to support them whether in Sinjar or in the camps even after the liberation of their area.


According to the statistics, BCF, in cooperation with WFP, could deliver 9,900 ready meals to the fleeing people in Mount Sinjar in a short period of time in 2014.


Barzani Charity Foundation has also provided great assistance to all the displaced people coming to Kurdistan from Mosul and other areas in Iraq, considering it its responsibility.


Barzani Charity Foundation also assisted the Christian brothers and sisters who left their homes due to terrorism threats and took refuge in the Kurdistan Region — their home. The BCF’s aid to the Christians led the Vatican to officially express its gratitude to the foundation.


We do not take this as a favour, but it is a duty. I believe it is the responsibility of every individual not to fall short of serving their fellow citizens when they have the capacity to serve.


Barzani Charity Foundation also reached out to the huge number of people who were displaced by the October 16 turmoil and settled in other areas of the Kurdistan Region. This was coincident with the earthquake which took place in Garmiyan District [in Kurdistan Region] and Kermanshah and Sarpol-e Zahab [in Iran], leaving a great number of casualties. BCF did whatever it can to deliver aid to the affected people within the Kurdistan Region borders, and also offered to deliver assistance to the affected civilians across the border [in the mentioned Kurdish areas in Iran], but unfortunately, it was not allowed to deliver its humanitarian aid to them.


Barzani Charity Foundation has had a program since its establishment called ‘Orphan Care’ to support the orphans in the Kurdistan Region whose number reached 19,147 orphans in 2017. The project is to provide support to these orphans who need someone to be there for them. I take this opportunity to thank UAE, Kuwait and KSA which have greatly contributed to the success of this project by funding it through their consulates and charity organizations.


Barzani Charity Foundation has also shouldered the responsibility to assist the children of our glorious martyrs whenever they are in need of aid.


As a result of the failed political, administrative and security systems of the Iraqi federal government a large number of Iraqis sought shelter in the Kurdistan Region which hosts many camps.  We expected the Iraqi government to claim ownership over these camps and provide better assistance to them, but when it failed to do so, a further burden was put on Barzani Charity Foundation and the Kurdistan Regional Government as well. Apart from administering 14 camps of IDPs and refugees, Barzani Charity foundation has been at the forefront in delivering humanitarian aid to the displaced Iraqis in those camps.


Furthermore, Barzani Charity Foundation has opened 22 vocational centres to help people learn new skills. 45,000 impoverished students are provided with school supplies every year by Barzani Charity Foundation.


The scope of Barzani Charity Foundation’s work is not limited to the Kurdistan Region, it has also tried to become an international humanitarian actor. The foundation has tried to contribute to helping humanity wherever there’s a need for it to show the generosity of the people of Kurdistan who do not only expect to be supported but also to support the people in need everywhere in the world.


The BCF has also delivered assistance to the earthquake-affected population of Van Province in Turkey. The foundation provided 400 caravans to them. It has also delivered humanitarian assistance to the conflict-affected people in Urfa in Turkey and Kobani, Qamishilo and Jazira in northern Syria and other areas in southern Iraq.


We call on all the concerned authorities to help the BCF deliver necessary assistance to civilians in Afrin who are currently in dire need of it.


Barzani Charity Foundation has also assisted the refugees in Serbia through a number of projects.


I commend the BCF which has been able to work so professionally that it could obtain a Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in April 2016 which is a recognition of the work done by the foundation.


I also thank the executive staff and all members of the foundation who have been providing outstanding support to our brothers and sisters. I also thank all the donors who assisted the people in need through the BCF.


We’ve had a significant number of donors who continuously contribute to helping people. I extend my gratitude to the UN and all the international organizations which have supported the BCF, particularly the UAE, Kuwait and the KSA for their continued support to the BCF. We also appreciate all the volunteers who helped the foundation with the distribution of the assistance in the camps, particularly the volunteers from AUK Foundation. I once again thank you all.


I also call on the Kurdistan Regional Government and the relevant sides to encourage donation by introducing a legislation which would consider the amount donated by the companies as part of their required taxes.


I hope the foundation will no longer be obliged to deliver assistance to the affected people, meaning there would be no more conflict and poverty-stricken people. The foundation’s future programs would then support people to develop their skills and become productive members of their society instead of providing them with humanitarian assistance. 


We express our deep sense of gratitude to President Barzani who has always supported us and we will continue on this path under his guidelines and recommendations.