Distributing Qurbani meat to 2256 refugee and IDP families and providing livestock for Peshmerga


The Barzani Charity Foundation in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Read Crescent Society (KRC) and the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent (UAERC) distributed Qurbani meat over more than 2000 refugee and IDP families in Gawilan and Bahirka camps and provided 16 livestock for Peshmerga forces.


The operations came as part of BCF’s Eid assistance program which started on the eve of Eid al-Adha and continues throughout the Eid days. On 13th September 2016 the BCF started distributing Qurbani meat portions at the two camps in Erbil and Duhok. In collaboration with the UAERC, they provided 1416 refugee families at Gawilan refugee cam in Duhok with red meat portions while at Bahirka IDP camp in Erbil 830 displaced families received meat portions provided by the BCF in collaboration with the KRC.

On the frontlines of the war against ISIS, the BCF provided 16 more livestock to Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk to help Peshmerga celebrate Eid while staying on the frontlines far from home and family. Commenting on that Mr Musa Ahmad, BCF deputy head revealed that so far they provide 51 livestock to Peshmerga forces at different points on the frontlines as part of BCF’s contribution in helping the Peshmerga forces.