First aid course offered to Syrian refugees in Basrma camp

A ceremony held for Syrian refugees in Basrma camp on final day of a first aid course, January 3, 2018


Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) and the Erbil branch of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society delivered a first aid training course to the Syrian refugees settled in Basrma camp in Basrma district, north of Erbil Governorate.


The first aid course, organized for the Syrian refugees in Basrma camp, was wrapped up on January 3, 2018.


The BCF and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society organized the course in which 170 Syrian refugees participated. At the end of the course, certificates and medical packages were distributed to the participants.


Basrma camp, administered by the BCF, shelters the refugees from Syria. The foundation, along with other humanitarian organizations, carries out various charity activities in the camp on a daily basis.