Third batch of aid delivered to 128 Afrin refugee families in Erbil

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF), in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), provided household needs to 128 Afrin refugee families settled in Erbil. 


On July 5, 2018, the BCF delivered a third batch of assistance to people from Afrin who have fled their city in Syria and sought refuge in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


The assistance included evaporative coolers which they are in need of during the high temperatures in the summer.


Thousands of people fled the conflict-affected city of Afrin in northern Syria, a number of whom headed to the Kurdistan Region to seek shelter.


Moreover, the BCF previously delivered two batches of aid consisting of food and household equipment to 72 Afrin families in Erbil.


“We have tried to provide the refugees from Afrin with the most essential needs during this hot season,” the Head of the BCF’s Department of Assistance, Ismail Abul Aziz said, adding that: “We have provided them with air coolers, food and hygiene supplies.”