Barzani Charity Foundation President Visits The Immortal Barzani Grave







On the anniversary of Immortal Mullah Mustafa Barzani the father of Kurdistan struggle for freedom passing away, a high level delegation from Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) headed by the Foundation president Aziz Sheikh Raza visited the Immortal Barzani’s grave and paid their respect.


On Tuesday March 1st, a delegation from Barzani Charity Foundation paid their respect on the 37th year anniversary of Immortal Barzani passing away, most of Kurds around the region come to Barzani grave in Barzan region and pay their respect and remember of the father of Kurdish nation.


Regarding their visit to Barzan region, the head of Barzani Charity Foundation gave a speech and acknowledged the struggle and the huge role of immortal Barzani in Kurds reaching their dreams.


He also talked about the historical achievements of Barzani and how those achievements helped the Kurds become what they are today.