Maintain the provision of bags and school supplies to students of Garmiyan

For the purpose of assisting students in their studies, BCF offers bags and school supplies to 314 students of 9 schools in Garmiyan.

On 10/10/2017 BCF in the field of education visits the schools of Garmiyan administration and distribute them school supplies.

Students from the first grade up to the six in the villages of (piaza jar, smaq, said jazhni, Fattah omer, kani maran, kolajoi hamajan, karezay hama kaifa, kawa charmu, turan shex salam).

So far, 724 students from 16 schools have received bags and school supplies.

In order to support the pupils and encourage them in their studying process, BCF offers them the school needs with a high quality and wonderful design.

On the first day of the opening of schools, the BCF in the Rojhalat basic school in Erbil started the distribution of bags and school needs. It is hoped that more than 50,000 students will benefit from the first stages through the sixth.

It is worth mentioning that the BCF is carrying out a large aid campaign in the educational sector. Given the importance of this sector in the Kurdistan society, the BCF is concerned. The BCF, in the education sector, reaches the entire population of the Kurdistan Region, including local residents, In general, the activities of the BCF in the educational sector are summarized as follows:


- Distribution of school and student needs.

- Building the school or participating in its reconstruction in all regions of the Kurdistan Region.

- Opening educational and vocational courses for students, including language and strengthening courses and computer education.

- Opening cultural and vocational courses.

- Cooperating with schools to meet their needs.