Barzani Charity Foundation Provides Medical Aid to Nanakali Hospital in Erbil





The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) continues to provide aid and assistance to all hospitals and medical clinics across Kurdistan Region and in its latest effort; a special team from (BCF) delivered 29 different kind of medical equipment to Nanakali hospital in Erbil, which is a special hospital for cancer patients.


On Tuesday January 26th, the Barzani Charity Foundation, a team from the BCF, provided Nanakali Cancer hospital in Erbil, with 20 different kinds of medical equipment.


The equipment included, hospital bed sheets, hypodermic needles, Band-Aid, oxygen mask, medical pad as well as operation equipment.


Mussa Ahmed, the deputy director of Barzani Charity Foundation, said BCF medical aid to Nanakali hospital is worth more than 5,500,000 Iraqi Dinars.


“This support will continue for all the hospitals and medical clinics across Kurdistan Region”, added Ahmed.