Barzani Charity Foundation With Erbil Medical University Treat Peshmerga Forces





The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) with the support of Erbil Medical University went in to the frontlines and did number of check ups and treatment on 200 Peshmerga officers on the frontline.


On Tuesday April 5th, the Barzani Charity Foundation jointly with Erbil Medical University visited number of Peshmerga frontlines and based on a well organized plan, it’s expected the doctors to visit all the Peshmerga frontlines to do number of checkups for the Peshmerga officers.


A team of 25 doctors along with special team from Barzani Charity Foundation did number of checkups on the Peshmerga officers among them tooth checkups and distributed toothbrushes and other cleaning teeth equipment.


In this campaign more than 200 Peshmerga officers were treated.