Mobility aid and instructions given to 43 disabled people in Shingal and other areas


Continuing with the joint Disabled Care project between the BCF and the American LDS-Charities, they reached another 43 people in Shingal, Bajid Kandal and Zheen Associate.


The joint operation carried out today 30th of July 2017 where walking aid and instructions given to 43 disabled people at three locations in Nineveh and Duhok provinces. The operation consisted of running instruction sessions prior to distributing of walking such as wheelchairs and crutches. As the result of the operation 43 disabled people at the three mentioned locations benefited, including 19 people on the Mount Sinjar, 13 people at Zheen Associate in Duhok and another 11 people at Bajid Kandal IDP camp near Duhok.

The joint Disabled Care project started from 18th of February 2015 between the BCF and the American-headquartered LDS-Charities. Since then more than hundreds of disabled people benefited from all three communities in the KRI (the host, refugee and IDP).