Barzani Charity Foundation Provides Four Months Salaries for 4809 Orphans

With the Muslim holy Sacrifice feast getting closer, the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) has provided four months worth of salaries for 4809 orphans across the Kurdistan Region provinces.


The Barzani Charity Foundation with the support of Kurdish local businessmen and wealthy people distributed monthly salaries to orphans and disadvantage kids in KRG.


On Monday September 14th, the Barzani Charity Foundation with its Azizan Project, which is set up to provide support and aid to Kurdistan Region orphans and with the joint support of Kurdish businessmen and investors provided four months salaries for thousands of Kurdish orphans.


In Kurdistan Region capital Erbil some 1207 orphans received the latest financial support from the Barzani Charity Foundation.


In Sulaimani 1102 children benefited from the BCF campaign, in Dohuk 851 orphans, in Kirkuk 852 children and in Garmian region 797 orphans received four months salaries from Barzani Charity Foundation.


Mussa Ahmed, the deputy director of Barzani Charity Foundation who participated in the campaign thanked all the people who contributed to the Azizian Project, especially all the Kurdish businessmen and wealthy men.


“We know currently Kurdistan Region going through a economic crisis, but the Kurdish businessmen and investors haven’t backed away from the project and continued to provide financial support for the children and that’s important contribution from those people”, added Ahmed.


He also hoped they as Barzani Charity Foundation continue to receive support from local Kurdish businessmen and wealthy men to continue provide aid and support to disadvantage kids, orphans as well as the refugees.