A large number of orphans receive their allowances before the fall of Eid al-Fitr

As part of the BCF’s Kurdistan Azizan Sponsorship Project, the Brazani Charity Foundation distributed four monthly allowances to the value of $938,000 to 4690 orphans before the fall of Eid al-fitr (Cejin).


The Kurdistan Azizan Sponsorship Project is a special project organized and managed by BCF to provide monthly allowances for orphans in the Kurdistan Region. The project is based in Kurdistan and sponsored by business people, benign individuals and public figures from the Kurdistan Region and it covers orphans outside the Emirates Orphan Sponsorship Project.


On 1st July 2016, and in a timely operation, which comes before the fall of Eid al-fitr, BCF distributed a combined four monthly allowances ($200 in total) to 4690 children in major areas of the Kurdistan Region as follows:


Erbil, 1209 children received $241,800 in total

Duhok, 837 orphan children received $167,400

Sulaymaniyah, 1080 children receive $216,000

Germyan and surroundin areas, 1564 children receive $312,800


The Kurdistan Azizan Sponsorship Project continues its operations and aims to benefit as many orphan children in the Kurdistan Region as possible.