Sulaymaniyah and Germyan: 1760 orphan children receive their monthly allowances


Barzani Charity Foundation distributed a combined four monthly allowances over 1760 orphans in Sulaymaniyah province and Germyan.


The distribution took place on 4th July 2016 as part of BCF’s Kurdistan Orphan Sponsorship project which is funded by private companies, public figures and local entrepreneurs and managed by Barzani Charity Foundation. Following the distribution each child received $200 taking the total amount given to the 1760 children in the two areas to a massive $216,000. The children benefited from this provision where from Sulaymaniyah province (1008 children) including the town of Ranya and Halabjay Shaheed as well as Germyan areas (680 children) including Khanaqeen, Kifri and Darbandikhan.