As Eid nears, orphan children in Kurdistan receive their orphan care allowances


Children who are registered on BCF’s Orphan Care Project-Kurdistan receive their entitled allowances. All over the Kurdistan Region, 4,646 orphan children receive their allowances for five months in a single payment.

The distribution of orphan care allowances started today 27th August 2017 through which 4,646 children receive a single payment of ($250 each) that amounts to the combined payment of five months. The distribution carried out in five locations in the KRI simultaneously where in Erbil (1,225) received their allowances, another (1,062) in the city of Sulaymanyah while (825) in Duhok received their share and (808) in Kirkuk with another (726) in Germyan administration. The total amount of allowances received by the (4,646) beneficiaries reached ($1,161,500).


Commenting on the operation, the BCF president Mr Musa Ahmad stated that the project to provide regular monthly allowances to orphan children from Kurdistan is called Orphan Care Project-Kurdistan which is fully supported by private donors from Kurdistan including private companies, charitable individuals and public figures. Mr Ahmad reiterated BCF’s commitment to continue with the long-standing project and appreciated all contributing companies and individuals who, despite the economic crisis that been affecting the Kurdistan Region foe a few years, they continue to support the project and enable the BCF to maintain the funding required to pay the allowances to beneficiary  orphans.