BCF's Orphan Care reaches children in cities and towns of Kurdistan


continuing with the distribution of allowances to orphan children in Kurdistan that was launched in Erbil yesterday (27 August 2017), entitled children in other cities (Sulaymanyah, Duhok, Halabja, Ranya, Kifri and Kalar) received their allowances.

the launch of BCF's Orphan Care Project distribution of allowances was launched yesterday 27 August 2017 in Erbil through which a total of 4,646 children will receive their combined five month allowances of ($250 each). The project continued to reach children in other Kurdistan areas where (1,062) children received their share in cities of Sulaymanyah, Halabjs and Ranya. In the city of Duhok (825) children received their allowances while another (726) children received theirs in Germyan (Kalar & Kifri) administration. The distribution of BCF's OCP comes at a time when the Muslim Eaid al-Adhha is due in a few days and it's aimed to assist orphan children celebrate the traditional holiday. In total, 4,646 children  in the Kurdistan Region received $1,161,500 in allowances.