Barzani Charity Foundation Provides Salaries to 4551 Disadvantage Kids


The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) continues to provide assistance and support for needy and disadvantage families in Kurdistan Region.
In its latest effort, the BCF has provided four months salaries of 4551 poor children, who have lost their fathers.
The recent BCF work was a joint effort between Barzani Charity Foundation and the Kurdish wealthy and businessmen and they provided the salaries of those poor kids from Duhok, Erbil, Sulaimani and Garmian provinces.
On March 24th, the Barzani Charity Foundation with the help of Kurdistan’s wealthy people, distributed four months salaries of 1211 disadvantage kids from Erbil Province.
In Sulaimani the BCF was able to distribute the four months salaries on 1099 poor children in the province.
And in Duhok the Barzani Charity Foundation provided four months salaries of 853 needy children in the province.
In Garmian administration and Kirkuk Province, the Barzani Charity Foundation provided salaries of 546 poor children, who had lost their father.
“Despite the recent economic crisis that has hit Kurdistan region, the Barzani Charity Foundation has tried to provide salaries to disadvantage kids and children in the region”, said Musa Ahmed, the deputy head of Barzani Charity Foundation.
He also acknowledged those wealthy men and businessmen in Kurdistan Region who joint them and supported them in this charity project.
In this Charity Project each poor children received $50 for each month in all of Kurdistan Region.