Largest financial aid distributed to 10,714 orphans in KRI



Barzani Charity Foundation and the UAE Red Crescent distribute ($ 8,284,798) on (10,714) orphans.


On Monday, August 13, 2018, the BCF held a ceremony in Peshwa Hall in Erbil during which the foundation commenced the distribution of the monthly allowances of two years (2016, 2017), amounting to (USD 8,284,798), to 10,714 orphans across the entire Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

The UAE Orphan Care Project, funded by the Emirates Red Crescent, is run by the BCF's orphan care sector. The project provides monthly allowances to orphans in the KRI. 

The event was attended by the representatives of the UAE, the BCF president and the Erbil governor.


The Erbil Governor Nawzad Hadi who delivered a speech said: “We thank the Emirates Red Crescent for supporting the BCF in helping the orphans from the host, IDP and refugee communities in the cities of the KRI.”


The BCF President Musa Ahmed highlighted the role of the UAE and the Emirates Red Crescent which have been providing continued support to the BCF in helping the people in need.


At the end of the ceremony, the BCF orphan care sector began to distribute the aid to the orphans living in Erbil. 


The amount is distributed to the orphans per governorates of the KRI in the BCF offices each governorate. The following is the number of beneficiary orphans in each province and the amount of the distribution.


• 3200 orphans in Erbil and its outskirts receive an amount of (2,341,671) US dollars.

• 2872 orphans in Sulaymaniyah and its outskirts receive an amount of (1,572,197) US dollars.

• 2631 orphans in Kirkuk city and Garmian administration receive an amount of (2,070,909) US dollars.

• 2011 orphans in Duhok city and its outskirts receive an amount of (2,300,021) US dollars.