BCF’s Goals

  The Barzani Charity Foundation strives to achieve these goals


1- To provide charitable service in (social, cultural and humanitarian) areas in order to improve living standards and welfare of various communities and sections of the Kurdistan society.


2- To assist the disabled people and people with special needs by helping them to meet their essential needs and providing necessary medical facilities for them. The aim is to empower the disabled and to develop their capacity for positive participation in social and economic life.


3- To assist the elderly, low income or families-in-need, refugees and internally displaced people through providing assistance in various forms in order to improve their welfare.


 4- To assist families of martyred civilians and Peshmergas, families of the Anfalised (Kurdish Genocide) and veteran Peshmergas in all possible areas.


5- To assist low-income students and youth through providing means to enable them complete their education successfully and become productive members of the Kurdistan society.


6- Coordination and collaboration with other charitable and humanitarian institutions and organizations (both local and international) for a better delivery of humanitarian assistance in the above mentioned areas.


7- Working on social investment and capacity-building projects to create equal opportunities for all, especially the impoverished individuals and groups. The ultimate aim here is to help these people stand on their feet and to become more productive.


8- Making efforts to provide better health and medical care for people-in-need, refugees, internally displaced people, families of the Martyred and Anfalised people.


9- Making efforts to save the heritage of the immortal Barzani through establishment of a national Museum where his heritage, history and his charitable and humanitarian efforts are documented and venerated.