Working principles of BCF


As a recognized and reputable humanitarian institution, the Barzani Charity Foundation conforms to the basic principles of humanitarian work set out in the international humanitarian law. The principles which are uphold by the BCF are:



The foundation upon which the humanitarian work of the BCF is built on is the human. Therefore, where a human being is in need of assistance and we are able to provide we will do so regardless of their national, ethnic, religious, political, social and personal backgrounds and attributes.



In dealing with various human groups and communities, the BCF acts as a charitable humanitarian organization and will not take sides in any political, ethnic, national and social conflicts. The BCF tries to contribute, within its capacity, in assisting those groups and individuals who need assistance to live a decent human life due to natural or human-made factors.



The BCF designs its humanitarian policy based on objective assessment procedures and takes action based on the same principles. Therefore, given that human and logistic requirements are met, the BCF tries to conduct its humanitarian and charitable work at that point.



The BCF operates as an independent humanitarian institution and has no political, social and economic affiliations of any kind. It has its own working strategy upon which it conducts its own work and projects.