Orphan Care Project – Emirates

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF), in cooperation with Emirates Red Crescent, launched Orphan Care project in 2009. Until 2017, the project provided cash assistance to 10,722 orphans.

The main aim of the project is to alleviate the burden of life on the orphans by providing them with financial assistance to help their families cover their needs. The project also serves as a link between the orphans and the benefactors. The project intends to help the orphans pursue their dreams, particularly continuing their education and developing their potentials to become effective individuals.

The following table shows the total amount of money (in USD) distributed to the orphans in the offices of the Kurdistan provinces in 2018:

Place No. Orphans USD
Erbil 3.200 2.341.671
Sulaymaniyah 2.872 1.572.197
Duhok 2.011 2.300.021
Germiyan 2.631 2.070.909
Total 10.714 8.284.798