Health & WASH

Drinking Water Project in Khazir Camp

BCF Health & WASH sector, in coordination with Kuwait Takaful, provided clean water to IDPs in Khazir camp. This phase began (01/05/2018) until (31/12/2018), the

Delivering Drinking Water Project

Barzani Charity Foundation in coordination with GIZ delivered drinking water to the quarters of Rabanka, Emink, Hitet, and Avshky, in Duhok governor. This project aims

Clean Water Project for Basrah

Residents of Basrah, located in the south of Iraq, faced many struggles and diseases like malnutrition, for the lack of clean water. In a project,

Wheelchair Project

A Summary of the Project: The BCF and LDS Charities launched a joint project on February 18, 2015, to assist individuals with disabilities across the

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