Vocational Centres Projects

Barzani Charity Foundation has 22 vocational, cultural, and art centres in the IDP and refugee camps. These centres are providing training courses for the IDPs and refugees to get rid of the sorrow they have faced during their flee. The centres help the IDPs and refugees to find their talents, inner values, find some time for themselves, and provide them with job vacancies. In the year of 2018, these centres have done (783) activities including (children education courses, barber courses, and awareness courses), (148,178) persons benefited from the activities.

However, the BCF runs these centres in coordination with many international organizations, but most of the activities are arranged alone by BCF. The organizations which are coordinating the BCF in running the centres, (Kuwaiti Relief, PAO، Green Kids، JIM NET، Fire، Light Candle، Green Kids, JIM NET, Fire, Light Candle, UNICEF, Dutch Catholic Church, TDH, Goethe Institute, UPP, TGH, M Select, IOM, Bring Hope, Intersos, RCs, ACTED, Alamal, UNHCR, QUDRA, OIFP, Tuefen Swiss, IMOK).