BCF Attempts for Peace and Coexistence Highly Recognized

BCF representative in Europe and ECOSOC, Mr. Awat Mustafa, held a special meeting for peace and coexistence program with Chair and Operations Director, Dr. Abdalla, OBE and head of the Onyx Foundation in Wales and his accompanying delegation.

Dr. Abdulla appreciated the BCF’s hard work and dedication for helping humanity, “In an area where peace is replaced by war and threats imposed on people’s will, doing humanitarian activities is not something easy. While BCF dedicated itself and went beyond to prevent more violence and high imposing,” said Dr. Abdulla. His excellency mentioned the BCF’s humanitarian activities toward the IDPs in Kurdistan and Iraq as a witness for BCF’s glory.

In the meeting, Mr. Mustafa discussed conducting coordination projects regarding peace and coexistence. They asked BCF to visit the National Assembly for Wales and meet with the administrations, dignitaries, counselors, and the board of coexistence platform in the country.

Head of Onyx Foundation showed his interest to visit the KRG to see the coexistence among the people and charitable works in Kurdistan.