High Kuwaiti Delegation Visits BCF

To have more collaboration and partnership projects, Kuwaiti Relief Committee and Consulate General of the State of Kuwait visited BCF, Head of the BCF, Musa Ahmad, greeted the delegation.

On April 7, 2019, Jamal Abdulkhaliq Al-Nouri, Chairman of Kuwaiti Relief Committee and Kuwait’s Consul General in Irbil, Dr. Omar Al-Kanderi, visited the headquarter of BCF, Musa Ahmad welcomed the delegation.

The delegation’s last visit to the Hassan Sham and Khazir health centers which are sponsored by the State of Kuwait was highlighted in the meeting. Reviewing the previous projects between the State of Kuwait and BCF, and future project plans were other subjects discussed in the meeting.

BCF with the sponsor of Kuwaiti Relief Committee is implementing a project to rebuild the damaged schools in Mosul.