A High Deputation of Non-Governmental Organization Office Visited BCF

On January 11th, 2019 a deputation of Non-Governmental Organization office from Iraqi Government led by Mr. Muhamad Tahir Tamimy the president of the office visited BCF and welcomed by Mr. Musa Ahmed Head of BCF.

They thanked BCF for their attempt in the last few months in Mosul for helping flood-affected people. “We are very proud for having such a huge charity foundation that service people all around Iraq,” Muhamad Tahir said. Also, the quick reaction of BCF toward the victims and delivering the aids were discussed in the meeting.

The head of BCF mentioned the struggles they are facing while delivering the aids to the tragic areas and asked for more collaboration among each other. “There must be more attention to the refugees in providing winter aids especially oil and to provide an atmosphere where the refugees in the camps feel safe and stable,” the Head of BFC said.