Food Parcels Provided for 5,500 Low-income Families in Kurdistan Region and Iraq

The BCF and Korek Telecom Company announced the “Food Parcels Assistance” project on the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan on April 13, 2020, in a press conference.

The President of the BCF, Musa Ahmad, said in the press conference, “The BCF has played an influential role in national and religious occasions every year, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.”

During the conference, the representative of Korek Telecom, Mr. Araz Azad, said that Korek Telecom has participated in charity projects during the month of Ramadan, every year.

“This project is carried out by the BCF and Korek Telecom every year in Ramadan,” Ahmad Abdo, the project manager said.
This project is carried out annually across the Kurdistan Region governorates, also in Kirkuk and Mosul.

The project targets Erbil 1,000 families, Duhok 750 families, Sulaymaniyah 1,500 families, Halabja 500 families, Kirkuk 750 families, Mosul 1,500 families.

Every year, the BCF implements various charity projects across the Kurdistan Region and Iraq to assist low-income families during the month of Ramadan.