In Erbil …. The Appreciation Ceremony for the Activities and Works of the LDS Foundation Took Place

The American foundation LDS as an international organization works on projects that are related to serving humanity. Since 2014 as a cooperative charity organization that provides and collaborates, it has started doing humanitarian work with the BCF. At the beginning it started with wheelchairs and the needs of people with disabilities. With time and with the huge demand, the vast population and so the big numbers of people with disabilities. They enlarged their role and their importance in the same direction and are. For appreciating their services and their projects that they have done in the Kurdistan Region, on 28 OCT 2021 in Erbil and in the office of the President of the BCF, in the presence of the respected ( Omed Xoshnaw; the Governor of Erbil, Sasan Awni; Minister of Municipalities and Tourism) , the delegation of LDS foundation and some government officials, an appreciation ceremony for the projects that the LDS has done with the BCF in various fields took place

At the beginning of the ceremony there was a moment of standing as respect to the spirits of the martyrs, their leader the Immortal Barzani and Idris Barzani who is always in our memory, and after that the welcome speech was read by the respected Erbil Governor Omed Xoshnaw, in which he shed light on the activities that the aforementioned foundation has accomplished in the Kurdistan Region and    announced : Thanks to the community of the American organization LDS and the BCF for they have provided great services, aid and works to the Erbil city, the IDPs and the refugees in the camps that are within the boundaries of the Erbil Governorate. Their cooperation with the BCF, the center of Erbil Crises and the Interior Ministry of the Kurdistan Regional Government was a reason for overcoming many crises. In addition to the support of the aforementioned foundation for the Corina Virus Hospital in Baharka and their efforts to make the project successful, their aids in facing the drought, creating wells and overcoming the crisis of the lack in water, that is another memory that will always remain in our minds.   

Following that, the representatives of the American charity organization LDS, gave two speeches, they shed light on charity work and cooperation for the sake of a creating prosperous circumstances and safety for humans for earning God’s approval and delivering God’s mercy to the humans. At the same time, they mentioned that they are proud of the fact that they have been for seven years in cooperation with the BCF serving the citizens of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the IDPs and the refugees in the Kurdistan Region, that is a pleasing matter for them and they promised to arrange more projects together in the future.

Following the speeches of the LDS representatives, the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the BCF presented all the stats and data of all the BCF’s works and activities during the 17 years of their work and the numbers of the beneficiaries, the numbers of donors and the kind of beneficiaries in all sectors.

After that the respected BCF President Musa Ahmad gave a speech and he shed light on the works and the activities that they have done in cooperation with the American charity foundation LDS in the previous years, they will continue in the present and in the future on their projects to serve the IDPs and the refugees in the Kurdistan Region. He also announced: we at the BCF are proud that together with American charity organization LDS, are set on a continuous service path for bringing prosperity and wellbeing to the IDPs and the refugees in the Kurdistan Region and the citizens of the Kurdistan Region.


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