The BCF and a Norwegian Organization signed a Medical Contract

On 25 OCT 2021 as part of their visit to the Kurdistan Region, a delegation of the Norwegian organization MAIN, visited the BCF’s headquarters and were received by the BCF’s President Mr. Musa Ahmad.
In a meeting light was shed on some matters concerning the health department and how to provide more help to the health matters concerning the IDPs and the refugees, the Health Department in the Kurdistan Region and the provision of wheelchairs for the people with disabilities.

In the meeting both sides signed the project of providing aid for five years in the health department for the IDPs, the refugees, Mosul Governorate and the Kurdistan Region. In this project the Norwegian organization MAIN will provide various medical equipment and needs to the health department in the refugee and IDPs camps and the citizens, they will also provide wheelchairs for people with disabilities. Through the BCF, the distribution and arrangement of the projects will be determined.

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