The Statement of the Barzani Charity Foundation Concerning the Immigrants On the Borders of Belarus and Poland

 The BCF views the situation of the immigrants between the borders of Belarus and Poland with concern, most of them are Kurds and are citizens from the Federal Iraq Country.

Although immigration is an international phenomenon, but unfortunately most of the times we see catastrophic humanitarian disasters from it and civilians become victims especially the children and the women, they face death, hunger and misery. The main subject that the international media is covering these days is about the great number of immigrants that are stuck between the borders of Belarus and Poland, without any shelter they spend difficult times under the rains and in the cold of that area and with the weather getting colder, horrible disasters are expected.

The BCF and as a humanitarian duty, during the last week we made continuous efforts to find a legal way to provide primary aid to the immigrants on the borders of Belarus and Poland to reduce the threats on their lives. Concerning this matter, we have officially asked the Consulate of Belarus in Iraq, the Foreign Ministry of Poland, the Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Poland and the Consulate of Iraq in Poland, aside from the fact that we didn’t receive a positive response, no humanitarian organizations are allowed to provide aid to those immigrants.

We at the BCF, it is at the core of our humanitarian responsibility calling upon the countries and the international humanitarian organizations to be cooperative and supportive so that we can provide humanitarian aid to those immigrants and to reduce their miseries. We also ask the international organizations to concentrate on saving the lives of those immigrants and to prevent illegal dealings be done on them that are outside the concepts of human rights, we require them to find an appropriate solution for the immigrants so that they can have a shelter provided legally and aid can be delivered for them.

Barzani Charity Foundation

10 NOV 2021