The WFP Organization Continues Providing Aid for the Refugees

       In the purpose of having a better understanding of the circumstances of the refugees from west of Kurdistan that are in Qushtapa Camp within the boundaries of Erbil Governorate. A delegation of WFP organization made a field visit to the camp. It’s decided to perform a project in providing food supplies.

       On 1 SEP 2021 for acquiring a better knowledge and getting more information about the situation of the refugees from west of Kurdistan in Qushtapa camp, a delegation of WFP organization that consisted of Corinne Fleischer, the regional official of the organization in Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe visited Qushtapa refugee camp and were warmly welcomed by the Deputy Manager of the BCF’s office in Erbil, Camp Manager and the staff of the camp.

       In a meeting between them, Qushatpa Camp Manager explained the circumstances of the camp briefly. They shed light on the problems and the difficulties that face the refugees in the camp. The Projects and the services performed by the BCF were explained to the guest delegation.

       On the other side, the WFP delegation shed light on providing food supplies to the refugees through providing money projects in which the aforementioned organization will provide money for buying food supplies to the refugees in the camp.

       It’s worth mentioning that Qushtapa camp was established in 2013 and its dedicated to the refugees from west of Kurdistan. The camp is managed by Barzani Charity Foundation.


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