Duhok …. Devices and Protection Needs Will Be Distributed on Five Hospitals

  With the purpose of preventing the spreading of Corona Virus (Covid19), Barzani Charity Foundation and in cooperation with two international organizations, provides devices and protection needs for five health centers in Duhok Governorate.

       0n 2 SEP 2021 due to the spread of Corona Virus ( Covid 19) in the Kurdistan Region, hundreds of people get infected with this Virus and tens of people lose their lives because of this virus. In order to fill the voids and solve the problems in the Health Sector, Barzani Charity Foundation and in cooperation with two organizations Sez and Badden-Wurttemberg, together in an important project they distributed devices and needs of protection against Corona Virus among five hospitals in Duhok Governorate ( Azadi , Xoparastn, Emergency Hospital, Corona Virus Hospital , Bajdkandala 1 camp Hospital)

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