Duhok … Planting of Agriculture Products Project

       On 28 Sep 2021, In the presence of the respected Mr. Musa Ahmad, the President of the BCF, Dr.Omar Al kanderi Consul General of the State of Kuwait in the Kurdistan Region and the administrative officials of the city, in Domiz 2 Refugee Camp the project of Plastic Houses for planting agricultural products was opened. This project is performed by the BCF and by the sponsorship of the State of Kuwait and the Kuwait society for Relief and numerous families will benefit from that.

Deputy Governor of Duhok: This Project will Provide Job Opportunities for Several Families

       In the beginning of the opening of plastic houses in which agricultural products will be planted, Mr. Majid Said Salih gave a speech and he shed light on the importance of opening these projects and that aside from the fact that agricultural products will be enhanced, it will also provide job opportunities for several families from the area and help them have a better life. He also mentioned that 60 families will benefit from this project and thanked the Consulate General of Kuwait and the BCF because they constantly provide these projects for the people of this area and they take care of them.

Consul General of the State of Kuwait: This Project Has a Great Role in Reducing the Difficulties of Life

       After that, the respected Dr.Omar Al Kanderi the Consul General of Kuwait gave a speech and     mentioned : The State of Kuwait and its People always support the IDPs and the Refugees in the Kurdistan Region and they consider it their duty to provide necessary aid to them. We consider this as our humanitarian duty to help our brothers, the IDPs and the Refugees in Erbil and Duhok. Today we are opening another project in the Duhok Governorate which is the project of Agricultural Plastic Houses.    It has a great influence in lessening the difficulties and providing help to our brothers, the refugees in Duhok. We also have this kind of projects in Shingal District and we will continue to provide constant aids to our refugee brothers in the Kurdistan Region. With the purpose of trying to ease the heavy burden that they carry and to make it easier for them to get the needs of life.

The BCF President : We Make Efforts to Make the Life of the IDPs and the Refugees Better

       After that Mr. Musa Ahmad the BCF President gave a speech and announced: we welcome the respected guests, the Consul General of Kuwait, the organizations of Kuwait and its people, for they have constantly provided various aids for the IDPs and the refugees and they perform new activities and projects with us. This project for the residents has pleased us and we praise them. He also shed light on the circumstances of the IDPs and the refugees in the Kurdistan Region and announced: the works and activities of several humanitarian organizations have reduced and that has made a bad influence on the situation. It’s necessary to praise the organizations that constantly provide help for the components that live in the camps.