Sulaimani … 500 School Chairs Provided To a School

The BCF yearly at the beginning of the learning process in the Kurdistan Region, the BCF provides special projects in the education sector for the Education Department, the students and the teachers of the Kurdistan Region. In the newest project, in the occasion of the beginning of the new school year (2021-2022), the BCF provided 850 school chairs to the Diyari Qazazi school in Sulaimani Governorate.

       On 16 SEP 2021, In the Education Sector, the BCF on a yearly basis provides facilitations for the students and the education sector. In the past years and in the provision of bags and learning needs, aid has been provided to thousands of primary school students.  Also in this year on the occasion of the beginning of the school year of (2021- 2022), the BCF has projects and the projects are being performed for providing school chairs for some schools in Sulaimani Governorate and Erbil Governorate. As part of that and in cooperation with General Directorate of Education in Sulainmani, the BCF provided (500) chairs for (Diyari Qazazi) primary school.

       About that, Srwa Mustafa the Manager of the BCF’s office in Sulaimani announced: At the beginning, we congratulate the students and the teachers for the beginning of the new school year. We hope that this year the learning process will continue in a healthy way. Today and as a result of the demand from the Minster of Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government, we provide 500 school chairs for this school. This school is recently established and it needed equipment and necessities. That’s why we as the BCF made this campaign and we hope that it has filled a huge void.

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