Shingal…. Aid Provided to 300 Families

The BCF Office in Shingal, Sinune municipality in cooperation with the Kuwait Society for Relief provide assistance for 300 low income families from the area.

On 7 OCT 2021 After the BCF’s office in Shingal, Sinune municipality started working, it has started continuous service projects which include providing assistance for the IDPs and the low income families in the area. As part of that, in cooperation with Kuwait Society for Relief, they distributed food parcels on 300 families that were low income, people with disabilities and families that don’t have someone to take care of them.

About that, Peer Dian the BCF’s office director in Shingal announced: after the BCF’s office was opened in Sinune municipality, with the aid of the government departments we have started doing humanitarian and charity works and activities. We will have continuous projects for the poor and low income families and the IDPs in the area