Deputy Representative of UNHCR in Iraq Visits the BCF

On 6 OCT 2021 Ms. Nicole Epting, the UNHCR Deputy Representative in Iraq visited the BCF for closer awareness of the works and the projects of the BCF in the fields of humanity and charity in the camps of the IDPs and the refugees.

During the visit of UNHCR, they were warmly received by BCF President Mr. Musa Ahmad. In a meeting both sides shed light on the services they provide in the field and in the matters of the IDPs and the refugees, they agreed on strengthening the relationship between them and on finding new ways for providing aid to the IDPs and the refugees that live in the camps, for they have no other ways to gain their daily life, other than the aids that are provided to them by the foundations and the organizations.

In the meeting Ms. Nicole Epting talked about the ways of serving the IDPs and the refugees in the camps, especially the camps in the boundaries of Erbil Governorate and Duhok Governorate which are managed by the BCF in association with crisis centers of both governorates and that they have proved to be successful examples in the field of camp management. She also mentioned: We have a great understanding about the IDPs and the refugees on an international level. However, concerning the works and services for the IDPs and the refugees we learn from you about how to serve the people internally and locally.

On the other hand, Mr. Musa Ahmad the BCF President and after welcoming the guest delegation, he shed light on the works and the projects that are done in the camps and that the BCF teams are constantly in their service, providing them the basic needs of life and answer to their demands. Also concerning the living circumstances inside the camps, the BCF president announced: for a long period, the reduction of the international aids for the IDPs and the refugees has badly affected their circumstances, that has made us concerned and worried and we have continuously asked the global and the international humanitarian organizations to provide aid for them. He also mentioned to the guest delegation: we ask you to provide total help and aid for the IDPs and the refugees in the camps, because they have no opportunities of gaining money for supporting their lives.