Erbil… Household Equipment and Items Provided to 100 Yazidi Families that are IDPs.

On Tuesday 5 OCT 2021 in a press conference in the presence of Omed Xoshnaw, the governor of Erbil, Ahmed Aldhaher, Consul General of UAE in Erbil and Musa Ahmad the President of the BCF, the project of distributing Stoves, heaters, clothes, food parcels and tents was announced for 100 Yazidi families that are IDPs Erbil.

In the conference Mr. Omed Xoshnaw gave a speech and announced: After we got the news that was also published on some media channels that the situation of a hundred IDPs Yazidi families in the camps in Erbil was bad, relevant to that, thanks to the Erbil center of crisis teams and the BCF for they followed the matter and it got apparent that those families were in need of help. Also thanks to the Consulate General of the UAE that with their help this aid is being distributed among these glorious families.

Omed Xoshnaw also affirmed that the Kurdistan Regional Government is against the obligatory returning of the IDPs, they should return per their wish and when they decide to return.

He announced: we will be in their service within our abilities and thanks again to the BCF for helping the KRG yet another time to provide aid to the IDPs in a better way.

In the same press conference Consul General Dr. Ahmed Adhaher  thanked the Government Departments of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Governor of Erbil and the BCF for they always make efforts to provide help to the refugees and the IDPs. Today, some principles and values gather us here with Kurdistan Regional Government, for serving the IDPs and the peaceful coexistence of the components in this country. This is the continuous pathway of the Emirates for providing assistance to the IDPs and the Kurdistan Region in general. Our efforts will continue with the governor of Erbil and the BCF.

In another part of the press conference Mr. Musa Ahmad the BCF President thanked the UAE, the Consul General of the UAE, the governor of Erbil and the Crisis Center in Erbil and said:  winter is approaching us and providing the needs of this season for the IDPs is very essential. He added: through all the period that the IDPs and the refugees have been our guests, the supporting touch of the UAE is apparent, not only for the IDPs but also for all the people of the Kurdistan Region generally, not only in one field but in all the fields, health, education, food and construction they were helpful and supportive.

Mr. Musa Ahmad also mentioned that the international aid has reduced and said: there are still great numbers of IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region and there are still 35 camps in the Kurdistan Region. We hope from all sides to be cooperative and supportive, in order for the people of the Kurdistan Region to be in constant service for the IDPs and the refugees.