A Delegation of Ummet Karwani Organization Visits the BCF

With the purpose of being closely aware of the works and projects of the BCF and to create cooperation for doing various projects together, a delegation of the Turkish organization Ummet Karwani visited the BCF.

On 4 OCT 2021 the BCF President Mr. Musa Ahmad received a delegation of the Ummet Karwani ( humanitarian relief organization) headed by Muhammad Bahaddin, the Vice President of the organization.

In a meeting light was shed on the works and projects that the BCF has done since it was founded and how thousands of families in the Kurdistan Region, the IDPs and the refugees have benefited from. Also how it has been successful in managing the camps in the Erbil governorate and the Duhok governorate, and it has successfully provided aid and needs for the residents of the camps.

On the other hand, the guest delegation focused on the opening of their office in Erbil with the purpose of serving in the humanitarian field, strengthening the spirit of giving and helping people affected by disasters and incidents and creating cooperation with the BCF for arranging the projects in a modern way.